2009 and new winds

I know I’m a bit late to all this blogging, but as of today I decided to channel my musical experiments into one place. This blog will act as a link to various places where I have shattered my music in the past and the present.

The main thing that pushed me onwards to this is the fact that I was made redundant a couple of weeks ago and I currently have time for this. What also has happened lately is that I have seemed to have got some of my writing motivation back. I have already written more tracks during these two months than the whole last year combined, so it is time to start publishing them through my blog.

For those who don’t know this yet, I’ve got a long background in producing electronic music using computers. To cut the long story short, I started writing music on an Amiga computer in 1989 and moved on to PC less than 10 years ago. During these 20 years I’ve been involved in the demoscene, written music for internet music labels, tv channels, advertisements, documentary films, multimedia, released records and done live gigs. For me, music is my hobby, but I’m also constantly looking for ways to get my music heard worldwide and I am always looking for new record deals.

On this page my purpose is to publish all news about my musical achievements, whenever there is an update to it. Mainly you will be able to hear what I have come up with as soon as I have finished composing my latest tracks.

A good way to listen to the tracks without downloading is to move mouse on the download link and use the WordPress’ built-in player that will open up.

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