New italo disco tracks

First of all I’m sorry that I haven’t updated this blog much. I guess I can say that I’ve had some sort of production block mainly caused by my absolutely shitty financial situation lately.

However, I was able to finish a couple of disco tracks that I had started months ago. I am currently looking for labels who still are interested in releasing these tracks. I’m also looking for a capable male singer to re-sing the lyrics in both songs for me for more authentic italo disco feel. So if you have tips of one or both, let me know.

In the meantime, enjoy my latest tracks:


Samuel – Baby Girl

This is the night
when we should meet again,
under the disco lights.
The time is right
and everythings' fine
but you're far away out of my sight.
I'm never ever gonna get you
baby girl, I'll always gonna miss you.
I can't never ever forget you,
because this is our night.

Samuel – Heat Of The Night

Feel the heat of the night tonight,
the night is young.
Baby baby, this time we fight,
against the rising light.

Edit 9/6/09: Now also in Youtube

7 Responses to New italo disco tracks

  1. Italo Tricky Boy says:

    Great work Joonas

    Incredible good italo disco.Fantastic.
    Good luck with this and other projects.

    Greeting from Croatia

  2. Teejer says:

    Such excellent Italo!!
    “Baby Girl” has everything that is, to me,
    todays’ Italo and future Italo.

    This piece has it all!

    Thank you for your talent and good luck
    for future successes. It will come.

    • Joonas Samuel says:

      Thanks for the nice comment. It makes me happy when someone likes my music. So far I haven’t convinced labels to release this material though and am still looking for labels who might still release Italo.

  3. Alen says:

    Hello Joonas, I like your songs! Yet they sound a bit raw to me, so maybe they need more of producing. Great stuff! And you can advertise them here:

    Regards from Alen

  4. Bop Woempie says:

    Hi Samuel

    Very much impressed by the sound of “Heat of the night”, you did a great job!

    Bop Woempie

    • Joonas Samuel says:

      Thanks. I’ve not been able to write new songs but I’ve got more italo tracks on harddisk waiting for things to settle down a bit. Mainly because I had to reinstall everything.

    • Joonas Samuel says:

      Hey cheers man! Have a nice summer. Can’t w8 to get to the park with my ghettoblaster and some italo 🙂

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