About Joonas Samuel

Music producer from Finland with a career going back to 25+ years. Music means a lot to me and electronic music is a way to channel my emotions.

I’m producing using various pseudonyms including Substance, Kuu, Samuel, Kocmohabt some to mention. All projects are musically different. I have also published music as Kuun rytmipuu or Rytmipuu, Ronald Raygun, Soniq Resistance and as a part of Samuel & Nasley, General Compact and Nervous+Anxious.

More about me and my music can be found from these sites:



4 Responses to About Joonas Samuel

  1. Thomas says:

    Hello Joonas,

    Well, this is only my opinion.
    In “Baby Girl” you said you are looking for a capable male singer to re-sing the lyrics.

    The feel of the piece has an electronic or “synthy”
    aura about it and that is what adds to the “mystique” of the whole song. If you had a regular voice singing it, the piece would lose the “edge” of being totally unusual and “futuristic” and would be just good music with a regular voice.

    Italo in its’ day had a lot of synth associated with it and your piece is right up there with that feeling.

    This song is unusual and very appealing not only in the music, beat and rhythm but the sound of the voice fits the piece perfectly, to me.

    This is what you created initially and put forth and in my opinion, that is how it should stay.

    This is only my opinion and I absolutley love this song!!

    Well done, very well done!!


    • Joonas Samuel says:

      Thanks for your comments. It’s nice to hear this kind of opinion so I’ll take it into consideration as I’ve actually found a singer already. There is already a version without vocoder done but it’s not in its’ final state so I haven’t uploaded it yet.

  2. Thomas says:

    You know Joonas,
    Italo is one genre of music that seems to have so
    many different versions of the songs and that is what
    makes the music experience even better.

    In reading what you said, I have re-thought what I wrote. The more versions of this song will certainly add to the popularity and mystique of the whole piece
    because each one will have a different feel to it.

    It will also show the various facets of your talent
    which I thank you for.


  3. Pat Muurphy says:

    Just discovered you on Monotonik via YouTube – outstanding IDM! Look for airplay on my radio program very soon.
    Juuri löytänyt musiikkisi Monotonik todettuaan sinut YouTube – erinomainen IDM! Etsi AirPlay minun radio-ohjelmassa hyvin pian.

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