Production status

If you have been wondering why my blog has gone totally to halt, this might be a good point to give some reasons for it.

First of all, since last year my personal life has turned completely upside down, I’m not gonna go into details but basicly a lot has happened. It’s not necessarily all negative, in fact many things are now better than in my previous life but it seems that bad things still hold me with their dirty long treefingers.

However, the biggest problem currently is that my secondary harddisk including all my production tools and music broke down, I know it’s my fault for not having backups of everything. In fact, I still do have the program files for the tracks so nothing is lost permanently but all my wav’s, mp3’s and stuff are now down. Currently I’m not able to fix it on my own and haven’t got anyone whose skilled enough to come over and try checking it out with Linux. I’m hoping to get the data out of there but installing everything again seems like a big job at the moment, especially as my personal life is in turmoil.

I hope to get back to writing at some point but at the moment I am keeping distance to this whole thing.

3 Responses to Production status

  1. Pat Murphy says:

    Hello Joonas; I recently discovered your music and will play “Voxels” on my radio program tomorrow (8 April 2012). Please visit my website for playlist details.

    I am also gearing up to do video webcasts with segments of my program and may contact you in the near future, either for permission to include video’s you’ve already done, or to create ones to your music. Aspiring visual aritsts of all kinds are encouraged to contact me at
    Hei Joonas, olen viime aikoina löytänyt musiikin ja tulee olemaan “Voxels” minun radio-ohjelmassa huomenna (8. huhtikuuta 2012). Käy minun verkkosivuilla soittolistalle yksityiskohtia.

    Olen myös valmistautuu tekemään videon tallenteisiin ja segmenttien minun ohjelma ja voi ottaa sinuun yhteyttä lähitulevaisuudessa joko lupaa myös videon olet jo tehnyt, tai luoda itse musiikkiin. Kunnianhimoiset visuaalinen aritsts kaikenlaisia ​​kannustetaan yhteyttä minuun

  2. Hi Joonas, i like the nice oldskool techno you made!.i found it today on Youtube :0


  3. Maria says:

    Moi, et varmaan enää ole aktiivinen täällä, mutta ehkä kuitenkin. Olen tekemässä 90-luvun muisteluohjelmaa Yle Teemalle ja kysyisin, voinko käyttää sun kuvaamaa matskua 1992 raveista…? Kerro pian, jos. Yst. Maria, yle kulttuuri.

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